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                      Car Carrier Trailer

                      Car Carrier Trailer Manufacturing & Exporting[08-12-17 11:36:43]

                        CLIMA Car Carrier Trailer

                      Featuring of CLIMA Car Carrier Trailer

                      The car carriers are made by advanced techiniques from both Europe and China.
                      Unique hydraulic lifting system and suspension system for car carrier trailer
                      Key parts of the car carrier trailer have been equipped with high quality fitting purchased from those famous brands both at home and aboard.
                      Safe and reliable driving for car carrier trailer
                      Easy maintenance and convenience for car carrier trailer.
                      Large loading capacity from 5-10 different type of cars.
                        Car Carrier

                      CLIMA car carrier trailer series can be classfied to single axle with double tire, double axle with single tire, double axle with double tire; the compartment adopts frame type, half sealed type and complete sealed type, the frame is welded with high grade quality shape steel, the intensity is high and the weight is light; the lift of hydraulic pressure system can be used in car transportation business, picking up either light truck, light bus and etc.

                      Considering different customers' requirements from different regions are various, we can't outlet all the parameter of our car carrier trailers. Below is the specification of one of our featuring car carrier trialer. We can adjust the parameter according to your requirement.


                      double axle single tyre car carrier trailer



                      Overall dimension

                      19500 * 2500 * 3470mm

                      Loading capacity

                      7-10 cars


                      13T x 2


                      spring belt 90 *16*7


                      385/65 R22.5

                      Disc wheel

                      suitable with tyres


                      2' '

                      Landing gear

                      double speed

                      Hydraulic system

                      upper platform consists of two parts

                      Spare tyre carrier (winch type)


                      Brake system

                      twin line air brake

                      Electrical system

                      voltage 24V, 7pin socket

                      Tool box


                      Water bank


                      Surface process

                      all steel surfaces are sandblasted.


                      base coating + surface painting. Color of customer's choice


                      Car carrier drawing


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