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                          Paper Cup Forming Machine

                          Paper cup forming machine, paper cup making machine, paper bowl making machine, paper dishware making machine, paper cup making machine[08-12-10 22:47:08]

                          The paper cup forming machine has two different working positions that can operate and produce cup, plate, containers with different specifications. The paper cup forming machine can produce large, middle and small-scale paper dishware and containers. such as paper cup, paper bowls, paper plates, paper trays and so on by just replacing moulds.

                          All data below are only for customers' reference, we can adjust the specification according to your requirement.
                          paper cup making machine

                          Paper cup forming machine

                          paper cup making machine

                          SZB series of paper cup forming machine is multi working place full robot,it products various one-off and double-duty of cold and hot paper beverage cup,ice-cream cup or the others wimble vessels by giving paper automatically,enveloping and closing,oiling,and so on.The product gains the gold award that the eighth patent technology expo of china.

                          SZB series of paper cup forming machine have following characteristics:

                          1.Imported main material, axletree, torsion from JAPAN,KOREA,which can bear abrasion and fit high-speed moving for a long time;
                          2.Imported electric frequency modulation machine and electric control component,computer proceeding transducer, stepless speed regulation. And especially design the function of photoelectricity measuring, fault alarm. And Electric performance is steady, have long performance life, It is especially suitable for the state with unstable voltage of our country.
                          3.The key parts such as the change speed case,transmission shaft, part from shutting mould,control system,etc.They have the characteristics of no troubles and non-maintaining.
                          4.It adopts high quality stainless steel and touching hardware,cleanness and sanitation,resisting bacterium and shock,defending pollution,bearing abrasion,and resisting aging.
                          5.Shape and center of cut die fixed technology with special cutting system ,in order to guarantee high speed,steady,and long time's movement

                          Maintechnical Variables

                          Paper cup specifiacation
                          the paper is coated one side or two
                          Ration Productivity
                          Total Power
                          330V/380V 50HZ
                          Formal Size:

                          Automatic turnplate style Paper-cup Quantitative encapsulation machine

                          Paper cup Quantitative encapsulation machine

                          1. The machine is the solely and instantly automatic dial paper and plastic interchanged in China with multi-functions. With low investment and high effect, it is the ideal updating equipment for middle and small-scale companies.
                          2. Adopts imported high-grade electric parts with less malfunction and German Siemens programmable program and Japanese MITSUBISHI touch controlled system with stable and endurable functions.
                          3. Adopts aluminium alloy and imported stainless steels with beautiful appearance and sanitation.
                          4. It has functions of cup falling automatically, sterilization, filling, putting caps, heat healing (edge cutting) and discharging cups.
                          5. The mould on the desk operated easily and replaced conveniently. The manufacturing price is one tenth of mould of pedrail machine.
                          6. It is adapted for filling and sealing cold and heat beverage, such as milk, syrup, tea, soybean mild and so on and jelly.

                          Main technical parameter

                          Paper cup category
                          Paper Seal
                          Seal Mould
                          Production efficiency
                          Seal heat temperature
                          capacity of a pot
                          voltage of power
                          complete machine power
                          appearance size

                          SZW series of paper bowl forming machine

                          paper bowl making  machine

                          SZW series of paper bowl form machine was researched on the base of SZB series of paper cup form machine according to characteristic of the paper bowl, The product followed five points of paper cup machinery and added roll envelop framework of the bottom of bowel; It also is perfect producers' facility used to be big capability and big caliber vessels such as soup bowl,bonbonniere, convenient noodle bowel, and so on.Meantime,it gained the gold award that the Chinese patent high-new technology production expo.and obtained national patent in the same year.

                          SZW series of paper bowl form machine have following characteristics:

                          1. It fits single and double membrane paper; it is newest type multi-functional equipment, which the container's size is alterable.
                          2.It adopts ultrasonic wave and glue and device, namely it produces twinkling high temperature by 20,000 of vibration per second of 20KHZ ultrasonic (grit and catch hot), Thereby, it welded two paper that has great glutinosity, fine airproof and scanty energy consumes.
                          3.It adopts r oll flower glue device that hot winds give hot and whirlwind cooling, and it guaranteed not only the heating up of needing of bowl wall the end, but also drench boiling membrane paper avoid to heating cup, it can make the qualification rate raised to more than99.5%(this has already obtained the national patent)
                          4. Fall wall canister raised greatly veracity and work efficiency of the machine, which adopts manipulator transmittal framework (Unique at home)

                          Maintechnical Variables

                          Paper bowl specification
                          16ounce 20ounce 30ounce 40ounce 50ounce,etc various specification
                          Cup and Bowl Material
                          the paper is coated one side or two(240-300g/m2)
                          Ration Productivity
                          30-40piece /min
                          Totall Power
                          380V 50HZ
                          Overall Dimensions:

                          SZWF/Z Automatic Turntable Sealing Machine for instant noodle

                          paper cup sealing machine

                          1.Unique in structure,elegan in design,compact in size,suitable for sealing paper bowl at different size.Easy to change the mould which is so simple that its cost is only one tenth of the mould of track-type machine.It's the functional sealing machine original in China and ideal to renew the old one.

                          2.As adoption of high-grade foreign-built electric and pneumatic elements such as programmable device from Siemens and touchable display control system from Mitsubishi,this machine is reliable and durable in service life,and low in trouble rate.

                          3.Aluminium-alloy and imported stainless steel are used as frame materials.As such,it's elegant in design and up to hygiene requirement
                          4.Being innovative,it's automatic in process of positioning the bowl,sterilization,caps laying,heat-seal and releasing the bowl.

                          5.It's applicable to packaging and sealing solid foods like sweets,cracker,cake and instant noodles

                          Main technical parameter

                          Rated prodcuttivity
                          (for paper cup)1500-2200/h
                          General power
                          Electrical supply
                          220v-380v 50HZ
                          External size(mm)

                          SZH Series of Semi Automatic Paper Dishware (Plate) Forming Machine

                          paper dishware making machine

                          The machine has two different working positions that can operate and produce products with different specifications. The machine can produce large, middle and small-scale paper dishware and containers such as paper bowls, paper plates, paper trays and so on by interchanging moulds.
                          The machine adapts imported base materials, the pivotal parts, such as axletrees, torque are anti-abrasive, so it can bear high speed running in long time. The machine also adapts stainless steel table board, shell and contacted parts, so it is clean and sanitary, bacterium proof, shake resistence, guard against pollutiona, anit-abrasive and aging resistence. With stable electric function and long life, the machine is the best choice for paper dishware manufacturing factories

                          Main Technology Parameters:

                          Ration Productivity
                          15-25 pcs/min
                          (one working position)
                          Total Power
                          Power Supply
                          220V 50HZ
                          Air Pressure
                          After saling paper forming machine, if necessary, We will send one or two engineers to set up and commissioning of the  paper forming machine until it running in normal state. Druing the time your workers who will operate the paper forming machine will be trained.
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