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                      Automation Egg Box Printer

                      Automation Egg Box Printer[10-10-22 15:01:20]


                      Introduction of Autamation Egg Box Printer
                      Our Autamation Egg Box Printer is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Autamation Egg Box Printer has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice.

                      For printing Four (4) colors on the flat top surface of a pulp egg carton.
                      Two (2) the color any paper pulp egg holds longitudinal both sides.
                      May need to increase the printing color freely according to the product.

                      Products Information of Autamation Egg Box Printer

                      Production process:
                      High-quality goods - solid localization - printing egg lid surface - automatic turn over printing side - dry - printing completes - the automatic transportation.

                      Automatic Egg Box Printer

                      BASE PRINTER:

                      • The rotary indexing table can be electronically synchronized with any of the pad printing machines. Even two - four machines
                      • Can be synchronized on one rotary table. The table moves and indexes in a circular fashion.
                      • It is either pneumatically driven or motorised, with an adjustable index speed. Its index stations are normally 4,6,8,12.
                      • The motorized rotary indexing table can give very high speeds and accurate results.
                      • It has an index accuracy of +/- 0.02 mm and the top plate diameters can vary depending on the product size
                      • It can be attached with gas flame treatment, IR systems , auto loading and unloading systems.
                      • Operator's console, main panel, with PLC control.
                      • Electrical supply European Voltage (complete ‘Electrical Specifications).

                      • The production per hour for the pneumatically operated rotary table is high compared to shuttle and normally gives an output of 1000-1200 impressions per hr.
                      • One (1) set of custom carton tooling for one egg carton style (tooling for additional
                      cartons quoted under OPTIONS.) Customer cartons must be reviewed by SBI prior to order finalization.


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