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                          Square Can Production Line

                          Square Can Production Line[10-10-18 13:51:48]


                          Introduction of 1-4L Square Can Production Line
                          Our Square Can Production Line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Square Can Production Line has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in can making machinery development, production, sales and service.
                          Products Information of 1-4L Square Can Production Line
                          General process of 1-4L square can production line: Tinplate-cutting-square forming-welding-flanging-base sealing-lid sealing
                          Guilotine Shear Machine
                          Tinplate cutting
                          2.Main technical parameter:
                          Applying range:Thickness of plate: 0.14-0.5mm
                          Width of plate: 40-1050
                          Production capacity:1.6metre/second
                          Diameter of principal axis:90mm
                          Logarithm of roung knife: 8pair
                          Logarithm of rubber ring:8pair
                          Dimension:15oo ×1100 ×1200
                          weight:About 1400kg

                          Round Forming Machine
                          tin round can body forming
                          2.Main technical parameter
                          Applying range:Thicknessof tinplate≤0.5
                          diameter of can:50-330mm
                          Production capacity:100 pieces/min
                          Power of motor:0.75kw

                          Forward-in Resistance Welding Machine

                          The machine is used for welding of circular metal sheet, such as industrial, food, aerosol-spray cans etc.
                          2.Main technical parameter
                          Welding speed: 6-12 meters/ min
                          production capacity:10-20cans/min
                          Lap volume: 0.4mm
                          suitable diameter: 52-300mm
                          suitable height: less than 400mm
                          welding width:2-4mm
                          thickness of sheet:0.18-0.5mm
                          Motor power: 10 kw
                          Size: 2200×700×1600mm

                          Square Forming Machine

                          It’s one of necessary equipments in the line of square cans production line. Tt is mainly used to expand round cans into square ones so as to process the next step :flanging
                          2.Main Technical parameter:
                          Applying range:Thicknessof tinplate≤0.5
                          Diagonal line of can ≤330
                          Height of can≤400
                          Production capacity :30Times/min
                          Dimension: 680×1010×1175 mm
                          Power of motor:1.5kw

                          Flange Machine
                          1.Main usage:
                          F-4 Flange Machine is used to make both sides of square cans evaginated 80-90 degree so as to facilitate the next step:sealing cans. Its one of necessary equipments in line of metal square cans production.
                          2.Main technical parameter
                          thickness of tinplate≤0.5
                          Diagonal line of can:80-330mm
                          Production capacity:30times/min
                          Power of motor:0.75kw
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