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                          Round Straight Pail Production Line

                          Round Straight Pail Production Line[10-10-19 15:15:40]


                          Introduction of 10-20L Round Straight Pail Production Line
                          Our 10-20L Round Straight Pail Production Line is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The 10-20L Round Straight Pail Production Line has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice. The company is engaged in can making machinery development, production, sales and service.
                          Products Information of 10-20L Round Straight Pail Production Line
                          General process of 10-20L Round Straight Pail Production Line: Tinplate-cutting-Round forming-welding-Pre-curt and flanging-base sealing-Curt and tendon expanding-Handle welding
                          Guilotine Shear Machine
                          Tinplate cutting
                          2.Main technical parameter:
                          Applying range:Thickness of plate: 0.14-0.5mm
                          Width of plate: 40-1050
                          Production capacity:1.6metre/second
                          Diameter of principal axis:90mm
                          Logarithm of roung knife: 8pair
                          Logarithm of rubber ring:8pair
                          Dimension:15oo ×1100 ×1200
                          weight:About 1400kg

                          Round Forming Machine
                          tin round can body forming
                          2.Main technical parameter
                          Applying range:Thicknessof tinplate≤0.5
                          diameter of can:50-330mm
                          Production capacity:100 pieces/min
                          Power of motor:0.75kw

                          Forward-in resistance Welding Machine

                          The machine is used for welding of circular metal sheet, such as industrial, food, aerosol-spray cans etc.
                          2.Main technical parameter
                          Motor power: 10 kw
                          Welding speed: 6-12 meters/ min
                          production capacity:10-20cans/min
                          Lap volume: 0.4mm
                          suitable diameter: 52-300mm
                          suitable height: less than 400mm
                          welding width:2-4mm
                          compressed air: 250L/Min 0.6Mpa
                          thickness of sheet:0.18-0.5mm
                          Size: 2200×1100×1600mm

                          Tendon-expanding and flanging machine

                          Main Technical Parameter:
                          suitable diameter:220-300mm
                          suitable height:Max365mm
                          production capacity:10pcs/min
                          power consumption:5kw
                          net weight:180kg

                          Can Sealing Machine

                          1.Main Usage:
                          4A8 Semi-automatic Seamer is one of necessary equipments in line of can making production. It is used to seal cover lid and can bottom at can body tightly.
                          2.Main technical parameter:
                          Diagonal line: 210-330mm
                          Height of can: 400mm
                          Production capacity:12cans/min
                          Electromotor:Type: Y100L6
                          Power: 1.5KW
                          Rotating speed: 940/min

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